Mysterious Brews
Murders, Mysteries, & Mayhem
7 days ago

96 - Brian Egg

A torso is found submersed in a fish tank behind a picture in a hidden room

14 days ago

95-The Altamaha-ha

Georgia's Nessie? Misidentification? Let us know what you think...

21 days ago

94 - The Virtuoso Coder

Jerold Haas seemed to have it all, and then he walked away from society on the precipice of fortune...

a month ago

93 - The Freeway Phantom

Unknown serial killer in the D.C. Area

a month ago

92-Brianna Maitland

Drugs?, Runaway?, Foul-Play?

a month ago

91 - Karen Silkwood

Learn how to make a nuclear bologna and cheese sandwich, while investigating 40-120 pounds of missing Plutonium.

2 months ago

90 - The Enfield Horror

Cryptozoological, 3-legged, hunchbacked Cryptid...

2 months ago

89 - Christi Jo Nichols

Gothenberg Nebraska is the site of a strange disappearance...

2 months ago

88 - Christopher Thompkins

In mid conversation a man disappears and has never been seen since...

2 months ago

87 - Gef The Talking Mongoose

Ghost? Prank? Talking Mongoose? You decide