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a day ago

75 - Aaron Hedges

The Crazy Mountains is the backdrop to one of the weirdest missing 411 cases to date.

8 days ago

74 - Rhonda Sue Warford

If you thought the West Memphis 3 were railroaded, wait until you learn about Officer Handy.

15 days ago

73 - Terrance Woods Jr.

Sprints like a hare...

22 days ago

72-The Dulce Base

Paul Bennewitz, Dulce New Mexico, Phil Schneider...Join us as we tackle all 3 in one episode.

a month ago

71-Japanese SOS Incident

a giant SOS sign measuring 20yds x 6yds is spotted on the side of a mountain in Japan. How did it get there? Who made it?

a month ago

70 - August Reiger

How does an 18 year old young man simply disappear off of a trail in Ecuador

2 months ago

69-Chad Maurer

How does a teenager from Wisconsin wind up dead from carbon monoxide poisoning on the south side of Chicago? One guess on what the authorities say is the cause of death.

2 months ago

68-Isdal Woman

Who was she and what was she doing in Norway? Spy? Sympathizer? Suicide?

2 months ago

67-Cindy James

Suicide, Stalking that ended up in murder? You decide

2 months ago

66-Sodder Children

What happened that fateful night?