Mysterious Brews
Murders, Mysteries, & Mayhem
5 days ago

85 - Jack Davis, Jr.

Drinking, Fraternity, and possibly a Fami type autopsy...

12 days ago

84 - Kurt Sova

Murder, or tragic accident?

19 days ago

83-Beast of Bray Road

Is it a wolf, a subspecies of sasquatch, or is it just some drunk cheeseheads?

a month ago

82-Robot Grandma

Missing 411 case with an odd twist you don't want to miss...

a month ago

81 - The Skelton Brothers

If you thought Casey Anthony, Chris Watts, & Scott Peterson were evil, buckle up...

a month ago

80-Disappearances of Keeslyn Roberts & Caleb Smith

What are the odds that two people vanish from the same location only 2 days apart? You are about to find out...

2 months ago

79 - The Max Headroom Incident

One of the most 80's era characters is used to interrupt not 1, but 2 live broadcasts.

2 months ago

78-Ludmila Cervanova

It's not just American authorities that bungle an investigation.

2 months ago

77 - My Dead Girlfriend Keeps Messaging Me on Facebook

Is it communication from beyond the grave, or a case of utter BS?

2 months ago

76 - Pascagoula Alien Abductors & The Alabama Metal Man

No this is not a new country duo, but it is one hell of a tale.