Mysterious Brews
Murders, Mysteries, & Mayhem
11 days ago

62 - Elisa Lam

The Cecil Hotel, Skid Row, & Some bad tasting water...

18 days ago

61 - Adrienne Quintal

In the Michigan Woods something strange takes place at a rural cabin that leaves the authorities, investigators, and family members puzzled.

25 days ago

60-Judy Smith

Judy was supposed to be sight seeing in Boston while her husband was at a conference. Where she is found will leave you baffled.

a month ago

59 - David Stone

Did a man meet his demise on a vision quest, or did he suffer from a horrible chain of unfortunate events?

a month ago

58 - Ebby Steppach

Shocker! Arkansas Police mishandled another murder investigation...I know, you're surprised.

a month ago

Bouvet Island MicroBrew

How? When?...But Really, HOW? Well, your guess is as good as ours.

2 months ago

57 - The Misapearance of Arteaga & Kubaki

Missing only to reappear after a significant amount of time with no recollection of how or why....WTH?

2 months ago

56 - Gordon Collins

Thought to be missing at sea and presumed dead, Gordon Collins is sighted over 50+ times in Baja California. Was it him?

2 months ago

55 - Ryan Singleton

Missing for 2.5 months, and when found his body reveals a startling secret...

2 months ago

MicroBrew - Jennifer & Lily Groesbeck

What can transcend death?