Mysterious Brews
Murders, Mysteries, & Mayhem
3 days ago

Episode 27 - Zebb Quinn

Vanished while going to look at a car. A mysterious page, and 20 years of questions remain.

10 days ago

Episode 26 - The Setagaya Murders 世田谷一家殺害事件

Miyazawa Family Murders 世田谷一家殺害事件

17 days ago

Episode 25 - The Giant of Kandahar

Nephilim, Gigantism, Cryptid, or complete BS? You decide

22 days ago

Episode 24 - Frederick Valentich

Ufo Abduction, Pilot Error, or Something else?

a month ago

Episode 23 - Kenny Veach & The M Cave

Did Kenny Veach find what he was looking for?

a month ago

Episode 22 - Janie Ward

What happened that fateful night in small town Arkansas

a month ago

Episode 21-The Mysterious Case of Don Kemp

Where was Don for almost 3 years?

2 months ago

Episode 20-Korrina Lynne Sager Malinoski & Annette Deanne Sagers

Mother & Daughter disappear 1 year apart

2 months ago

Episode 19 - Brandon Lawson

Where is Brandon???

2 months ago

Episode 18 - Black Eyed Children

Demon, Alien, or Apparition?