Mysterious Brews
Murders, Mysteries, & Mayhem
7 days ago

90 - The Enfield Horror

Cryptozoological, 3-legged, hunchbacked Cryptid...

14 days ago

89 - Christi Jo Nichols

Gothenberg Nebraska is the site of a strange disappearance...

21 days ago

88 - Christopher Thompkins

In mid conversation a man disappears and has never been seen since...

a month ago

87 - Gef The Talking Mongoose

Ghost? Prank? Talking Mongoose? You decide

a month ago

86 - Gareth Williams

MI6, Secret Spy, or Suicide?

a month ago

85 - Jack Davis, Jr.

Drinking, Fraternity, and possibly a Fami type autopsy...

2 months ago

84 - Kurt Sova

Murder, or tragic accident?

2 months ago

83-Beast of Bray Road

Is it a wolf, a subspecies of sasquatch, or is it just some drunk cheeseheads?

2 months ago

82-Robot Grandma

Missing 411 case with an odd twist you don't want to miss...

2 months ago

81 - The Skelton Brothers

If you thought Casey Anthony, Chris Watts, & Scott Peterson were evil, buckle up...