Mysterious Brews
Murders, Mysteries, & Mayhem
2 hours ago

Episode 18 - Black Eyed Children

Demon, Alien, or Apparition?

7 days ago

MicroBrew 2 - Dale Jr.

Paranormal? Guardian Angel?

14 days ago

Episode 17 - Henry McCabe

Who or What left this message?

21 days ago

Episode 16 - Billie Jean Phillips

Who Killed Billie Jean

a month ago

Episode 15 - The Atlanta Blood House

Was it a poltergeist, a break-in, a hoax? You decide...

a month ago

Episode 14 - Justin Gaines

Where is Justin?

a month ago

Episode 13 - Cynthia Anderson

Did she runaway, was she kidnapped, or was it murder?

2 months ago

Episode 12 - Russell & Shirley Dermond

A grizzly murder with an even odder twist...

2 months ago

Episode 11 - The Case of Dr. O.C. Smith

Barbed Wire, Bombs, and Accusations